About Us

M&S Engineering is a full-service engineering firm based in Spring Branch, Texas. M&S employs more than 90 professionals who are adept in the areas of civil, electrical, and subsurface utility engineering, surveying, and hydrology. In addition, designers in the fields of mechanical, plumbing, structural, roadways, land development, and reservoirs contribute to the extensive array of services M&S provides its clients. Recently, M&S was featured on the Zweig Letter Hot Firm List for 2010, underscoring its achievements and sustained professional excellence.

M&S is the realization of a dream of two lifelong friends who believed they could build a successful engineering firm by focusing on clients’ needs and eliminating expensive overhead. After more than 10 years, Brian Meuth and Keith Strimple are still dedicated to providing quality and efficiency that patrons expect from a full-service firm. While the company’s format and location have changed, the mission to create a client-oriented atmosphere that values professionalism and customer loyalty is unabated.

From its origins in a shed on 23 acres near Bergheim, Texas, M&S has grown to include a team of engineers, surveyors, land planners, design technicians, and CAD operators that are the heart of the company. A core unit of employees forms a group of team leaders that support the day-to-day needs of their clients, developing lasting relationships and ensuring the projects proceed at an acceptable pace.

M&S employees have designed reservoirs, roadways, subdivisions, commercial and residential developments, and electrical transmission lines, distribution lines, and substations. In addition to these projects, M&S Engineering continues to grow by adding new teams and divisions as clients’ needs diversify, including an office in McQueeney to better meet the needs of the Guadalupe County area.

While M&S has changed dramatically from its infancy, the company’s continued success is a testament to its high quality of work and cost effectiveness. With the professionalism proven daily by their employees, Meuth and Strimple are confident the idea they had 12 years ago will continue to grow and maintain the level of superiority clients have come to expect from M&S Engineering.

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