Our philosophy at M&S Engineering is founded in one thing – relationships. To us, the people we work with and the bonds we form are what allow us to succeed. Obviously, concerns such as profit margins, overhead, cash flow, and administrative policies are all important parts of running a business, but they are not as important as customer loyalty and employee dedication. The trust and dependability of the people we work with every day, our clients and employees, are what keep us unique and successful.

In any given week, we spend more conscious hours with the people we work with than our close friends and family. Accordingly, we prefer to work with people we enjoy being around and have been blessed with approximately 60 employees that fit that mold. Herb Kelleher, cofounder of Southwest Airlines, successfully built his business with the philosophy that there is no reason a company cannot be profitable and fun. We think Herb was onto something.

We know the accomplishments of this company lie squarely on the shoulders of our employees. We are open to hearing the complaints, suggestions, or new ideas from all of our staff, from team leaders to CAD operators and surveyors. Our employees have been an integral part of our ability to evolve with changing economic trends and new technology. Whether it is pursuing new or alternate certifications or taking on fresh tasks to expand their base, our employees maintain the capability to adjust to developing demands.

When an employee is brought on board, we give them the tools that they need to do their job, and we get out of their way. We practice “Management by Exception,” meaning we only get involved when necessary. This creates an entrepreneurial environment where opportunities for all employees are endless.

We have a team of people around us that subscribe to the same objective we have – we will do whatever it takes to promote the continued success of this company. We know that loyalty to our clients and employees allowed us to thrive in our early years, and we have built our business model around this principle. No matter the economic climate, we have never laid-off an employee or turned down any size project. Prioritizing our clients is not just a statement, but a practice. Whether it is putting in the extra hours, attending meetings in different counties or states, or examining every detail of the project, we commit the time and effort it takes to keep our clients satisfied. Our doors are always open, and we work hard at keeping ourselves approachable by any of our employees.

Our number one priority is to provide quality engineering services to our clients without the high cost or hassle that comes with other firms. We strive daily to achieve this end, constantly reevaluating and pushing ourselves to new levels. Our goal is not only to maintain the level of excellence that has made us successful thus far, but to continue to evolve with changing technology and trends to ensure we provide the best services possible.

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