M&S 20th Anniversary Video

A great time was had by all at Gruene Hall at the 20th anniversary party for M&S Engineering. Thank you to our many guests, employees, clients and friends who joined us in celebrating such a special occasion. We are truly grateful to be blessed with so many amazing relationships.

A Development Worth Fighting For

The Sledge Hammer

Vintage Oaks at the Vineyard – Southstar Communities – New Braunfels, Texas

Lance Klein will do just about anything for his clients, including getting in the boxing ring at San Antonio’s 2019 FIGHT NIGHT hosted by the Real Estate Council. Watch the video below to learn more about Lance and one of his larger land development projects.

Vintage Oaks at the Vineyard (VOV) is a 3,200-acre master planned residential community being developed by Southstar Communities. The community, located west of New Braunfels, consists of approximately 2,200 lots. Lance Klein, P.E. of M&S Engineering developed the masterplan for the development and has led the team to provide all of the surveying, platting and engineering services for each unit constructed to date. The type of construction included roads, drainage systems, water systems, sewer systems, OH electric, telecommunications, amenity center and sports facilities.

Vintage Oaks

Scope of work:

  • Master planning for entire development
  • Traffic studies
  • Design and alignment of streets and roads inside the subdivision
  • Designing and obtaining approval from TxDOT on all entrances, traffic lanes and deceleration lanes
  • Platting of subdivision and securing of necessary easements
  • Aquifer protection plans submitted to and approved by the Edwards Aquifer Authority
  • Water system design 706BSW000.000
  • Sewer feasibility studies
  • Comprehensive environmental studies of entire site
  • Drainage study and design of numerous channels and several detention ponds
  • Coordination with county, city, and state officials to secure needed approvals
  • Presentations to Comal County Commissioner’s Court
  • Review and approval of contractor pay applications
  • Review and certification of shop drawings
  • Obtaining permits from Comal County, TCEQ, TXDOT and EAA
  • Coordinating with owner, contractors, and various utility companies (NBU, CLWSC, TWC and GVTC).


For additional information contact:

Lance Klein, P.E. 
M&S Engineering
6477 FM 311, PO Box 970, Spring Branch, Texas 78070
376 Landa Street, New Braunfels, Texas 78130
Office (830) 629-2988

Celebrating the M&S Team

M&S Engineering Employee Photo 5-2019

In 2019, we have grown our M&S Team to over 200 employees. We welcome each of our New Hires!!
Colton Freeman   Distribution Designer Georgetown
David “Keegan” Laney   Distribution Designer Georgetown
Olan Marsh   Distribution Designer Georgetown
Justin Okun   Distribution Designer Midland
Shane Fowler   Distribution Designer Midland
Anna Leija   Part time Structural Graduate Engineer New Braunfels
Craig Wilson   Civil PE New Braunfels
Douglas Lynch   Civil Graduate Engineer New Braunfels
Jorge Medina   Structural E.I.T. New Braunfels
Lisa Jaster   Director of Civil Engineering New Braunfels
William “Scott” Berry   Water/Wastewater Engineer New Braunfels
Austin Leddy   Summer Intern New Braunfels
Stanford Schroder   Summer Intern New Braunfels
Bryan Platz   Summer Intern Spring Branch
Christian Helms   Field Survey Tech Spring Branch
Gary Miller   Distribution Designer Spring Branch
Jordan Caraway   Distribution Designer Spring Branch
Tanner Obeck   Returning Summer Intern Spring Branch
Gustavo Madero   Summer Intern Spring Branch
Robert Barrera   Summer Intern Spring Branch
Aleczander Munoz   Distribution Designer The Woodlands
Carlyn Paz   Distribution Engineer The Woodlands
Carolina Ramirez   Part time Admin Asst The Woodlands
Mark Fruge   Part time Distribution Designer The Woodlands

M&S Contracts with Cities

City Council meetingM&S Contracts with Cities

M&S Engineering’s Civil – Public Works department is currently preforming under a City Engineering Services contract for the City of Hondo, City of Blanco, and the City of Kirby. We are their “go-to” City Engineer and provide an array of engineering services, such as all road work for the 2018 Bond in the City of Kirby. Our commercial, water/wastewater, MEP, and structural teams all work together to provide any services the City requires.

M&S also has projects and contracts with City of Sandy Oaks, City of Jourdanton, Round Rock ISD, Hutto ISD, City of La Vernia, City of Karnes, City of Natalia, City of Somerset and so many more.


For additional information contact:

Thomas N. Turk, P.E. 
M&S Engineering
6477 FM 311, PO Box 970, Spring Branch, Texas 78070
376 Landa Street, New Braunfels, Texas 78130
Office (830) 629-2988

Karnes City Cooling Tower Project

M&S Engineering is currently providing engineering services for Karnes City. On one of our assignments, we are designing the replacement of two cooling towers and updates to the electrical systems, which includes the addition of an emergency backup generator.  The need for the project was due to the ground water currently coming into the system above 150°F and needs to be cooled before it can be used by the public consumers.

Karnes City Cooler TowerKarnes City Cooler Tower


For additional information contact:

Trey Sims, P.E.
M&S Engineering
6477 FM 311, PO Box 970, Spring Branch, Texas 78070
O (830) 228-5446

Diamond Vista Wind Farm

Enel Green Energy developed and RES built a 300 MW wind generation project in Kansas. As part of an Engineer Procure & Construct (EPC) team with RES (Systems 3). M&S Engineering provided transmission line engineering for the project, which included a 17.5-mile 345kV transmission line from the wind farm’s collector substation to the Westar owned Union Ridge Substation.  The project included the installation of self-supporting, steel mono-pole structures, with braced-post insulators to accommodate bundled 795 ACSR “Drake” conductors and a 48 count OPGW.


For additional information contact:

Blake Marrou, P.E.
M&S Engineering
6477 FM 311, PO Box 970, Spring Branch, Texas 78070
O (830) 228-5446

M&S Donates to Support New Braunfels Infrastructure Spending

“Vote FOR New Braunfels”M&S Engineering takes pride in giving back to the community and supporting infrastructure spending. From time to time, M&S also takes part in community fundraisers and events to benefit surrounding cities.  Presented in the picture, M&S Engineering’s Structural Department Director, Amy Stone, and CrowdPAC’s Campaign Manager and Treasurer, Rusty Brockman shake hands to celebrate M&S’s donation to the “Vote FOR New Braunfels” cause.

“Vote FOR New Braunfels” focused on a bond package that was on the 2019 ballot was to help make New Braunfels, Texas better by focusing on priorities determined by its citizens. There were four propositions that included streets, parks and recreation, public safety, and library. After the May 4, 2019 bond election, city officials and 2019 bond supporters celebrated the landslide approval of all four propositions in the $120 million bond package.


For additional information contact:

Amy Stone, P.E.
M&S Engineering
6477 FM 311, PO Box 970, Spring Branch, Texas 78070
O (830) 228-5446

Flying High – Sherwood Drone

Sherwood Surveying & SUE, a sister company of M&S Engineering, is now offering Aerial Photography and Drone Mapping Services. Photography, instead of LIDAR, uses multiple photos with overlapping angles to prepare a representation of the Earth’s surface. The use of a drone and photography allows us to utilize the cutting-edge photogrammetry software in order to create detailed topographic surveys, ALTA surveys, 2D orthophotos, and 3D digital terrain models, as well as can allow us to cut down the time it takes to complete a survey.

Our team includes pilots that are commercial licensed & FAA Part 107 Certified and a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) that is commercially registered with the FAA and insured. Our expert team is capable of providing you with HD aerial photography and videos across your site. Our UAV is also capable of meeting your needs for Power Services Inspections, Telecommunication Tower Inspections, and Volumetric Analysis of Mining Operations.

Aerial Surveying is not new. This technique, formally known as “Photogrammetry” has been around since WW II. Today with the use of GPS and recent advancements in automated technology, the drone has evolved into a very powerful tool for the future of surveying.

Lots of people are now operating Drones out of there house as a small business, but without the professional oversight of surveyors. All surveys prepared by Sherwood are governed by Texas Board of Professional Land surveyors and under the direct supervision of an RPLS. We hold our drone data to these same professional standards.

The Drone used by Sherwood is registered through FAA as an UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. It by law, has to be operated by a licensed pilot at all times. We currently have 2 licensed Pilots on staff. Our pilots go through a preflight check list as required by FAA for any flight. We keep very organized records of all of our flights.

Our current drone utilizes a specialized camera & flight program to survey the earth via photogrammetry techniques rather than LIDAR. Photogrammetry uses multiple photos with overlapping angles to prepare a representation of the Earth’s surface.

Before starting any drone project, we first screen the site’s conditions to see if it is favorable for photogrammetry & the drone’s capabilities. Heavy trees & tall grass are restrictions. Google earth or actually driving a possible site helps us pre-screen for these possible types of restrictions. Weather is also a factor that is on the preflight check list and our pilots must be aware of to conform with FAA standards. The drone is not safe to fly at night, in extreme cold, or extremely windy conditions.

Before any flight we check to confirm that the site is in a safe airspace per FAA Sectional Airspace Charts. Although we fly at low altitudes (never to exceed 400’), if a site is located in a controlled airspace, we still by law confirm with those regulations. There are new rules about this issue being reviewed that should open up more areas of these controlled airspaces specifically for drones and this kind of work.

Once, we have reviewed all possible restrictions and feel the site is safe to fly, we go about planning our flight.

Sherwood DroneA flight pattern is set up using a specific Flight App we utilize called “Map Pilot.” We still set ground control points / Aerial Targets, measure property corners, and tie in structures that cannot be seen by the drone from the air with conventional surveying equipment (such as a Total Station & GPS).

Once a flight plan is created and started, the drone lifts off the ground and the flight app takes over (similar to auto pilot) to maintain a constant altitude and flight path. It then flies along each line at a constant steady speed, recording HD photos of the ground, from directly overhead and overlapping angles. Although the drone is programmed via the Flight Apps, the pilot has direct control of the aircraft at all times, and must keep drone in line of sight, always monitoring for possible hazards and air traffic.

Photos are then essentially “meshed” together to create a 2D Orthophoto Aerial Overlay, and a 3D Digital Terrian Model of the site, from which survey grade data can be extracted. Not only does the drone provide greater accuracy, but it reduces time needed to accomplish projects. For example, a topographic survey was prepared of a 176.56 acre tract near Lockhart, Texas. The “on the ground survey” took about 3 days via traditional surveying equipment. The drone survey of the same site took about half a day.

Sherwood DroneSherwood Drone

3 miles of road survey took 5 days using ground and Drone Survey. Without the drone, it would’ve easily taken 10 days or more. Some traditional ground survey equipment is still needed to pick up objects under trees, corners of buildings, water meters, utility boxes,and  manholes. To maximize accuracy for our clients, we combine both drone & traditional data to complete surveys.

By flying at high altitude, the camera can easily capture photos outside our immediate property line. If for some reason we needed to fly over private property, we will ask for entry as needed. Our drone is optimized for projects such as roadways, parking lots, mining facilities, construction, and open properties with trimmed grass / vegetation. The drone’s HD photography can not only be used on overhead electric lines to inspect the lines, towers, insulators, but is extremely effective for inspecting roofs, water towers and other tall structures.


For additional information contact:

Cody Emanis, S.I.T. 
Sherwood Surveying & S.U.E.
6477 FM 311, PO Box 970, Spring Branch, Texas 78070
O (830) 228-5446

M&S Welcomes Lisa Jaster, PMP

M&S Engineering is pleased to announce that Lisa Jaster, PMP will be joining our team effective April 22, 2019 as the Director of Civil Engineering based out of our New Braunfels office. Lisa graduated at the top of her class from West Point with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Missouri. Lisa is also a Major in the US Army Reserves and has earned numerous military awards, medals, and accolades, including graduating from Army Ranger school and earning the prestigious Army Ranger tab! Lisa will be relocating from the Houston area with her husband and family.  Welcome Lisa!