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Oil & Gas

M&S Engineering offers a unique understanding of the complexities associated with large-scale electrical projects. For more than 18 years, M&S Engineering has focused on electrical infrastructure and has completed more than 2,800 miles of high voltage transmission lines, more than 200 substation projects and over 1,000 miles of overhead and underground distribution lines throughout the country.

Professional & Full Service Engineering

Projects & Markets

Site Development
Access Road Design
Permitting & Construction Management
Environmental Impact Analysis
Flood Studies & Mitigation
Stormwater Management
Substation & Switchyard Collection System Design
Transmission & Distribution
Routing & Planning
Foundation Design
Oil Containment Systems
Underground Duct Banks
Re-use & Adaptation
Forensic Investigation & Failure Analysis
Transmission Tower Design
Commissioning, & Maintenance
ANSI & NETA Testing
Inspection & Diagnostics
Surveying & GPS
Right of Way & Easements
Subsurface Utility Engineering
O & M Building Engineering
HVAC Systems & Controls
Emergency & Backup Power Systems
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