Our #1 priority is to provide quality engineering to our clients efficiently.

Firm Mission
M&S Engineering is a professional and full-service engineering firm whose mission is to provide our clients with quality, efficient services at the greatest overall value. Our partners and employees are dedicated to providing quality and efficiency that patrons expect from a full-service firm. While the company’s format and location have changed, the mission to create a client-oriented atmosphere that values professionalism and customer loyalty is unabated.

Built to Serve
The cornerstone of our firm’s philosophy is establishing approachable relationships, adapting so that we form the trusted partnerships, and remaining flexible to respond quickly to unforeseen requests.

Focused on Relationships
We take great care in understanding every client’s unique culture and distinct set of needs in order to establish relaxed, comfortable, and approachable working relationships.

Full Service
With licensed engineers in electrical, civil, structural and MEP engineering disciplines and a host of experienced field personnel, M&S can fully meet the needs of its clients by allowing them to engage a single firm for many of their engineering, design, consultation, planning and analytical needs.

This is the start of a successful relationship