Electric Distribution System 10 Year Master Plan

The City of Llano commissioned M&S Engineering to perform a distribution system study and develop a 10-year budget and work plan based on the results of this study. Items reviewed in the study included development of the most practical and economical means of serving future loads while maintaining high quality of service to customers. The City requested detailed reports outlining the planning criteria used for the project, the method for estimating future system load growth, near- and long-term distribution analysis identifying operational problems such as poor voltage regulation, poor power factor and facility capacity. M&S was also tasked with analyzing electrical safety issues such as overloaded equipment and excessive short circuit currents for existing equipment. Contingency plans were developed for the possible loss of any substation power transformer and the loss of any segment of trunk line feeder between existing sectionalizing points. M&S provided a year-by-year outline indicating anticipated system load and assessment of need, if any, for additional equipment such as re-closers and capacitors. Phase imbalance issues were identified and suggestions for corrective measures were given. An updated GIS map was produced and an arc flash study was performed.

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