Bandera EC Substation

This project consisted of an upgrade to the Bandera Substation for reliability and load support, as mandated by the Texas PUC as part of CREZ (Competitive Renewable Energy Zone) projects. For the project, a second138/69 kV autotransformer was installed in the existing Bandera substation. The 69kV bus was re-configured and due to space constraints at the site, the design required a smaller footprint. A breaker and a half scheme was used on the 69kV side of the autotransformers to protect the autotransformers and the 69kV line sections. To accomplish the 11 month project schedule demand, a surplus auto transformer was procured for the project. M&S Engineering also supervised and provided QA/QC for the electrical, relaying, civil and structural engineering activities for this project. Our teams developed equipment specifications and provided the electrical analysis, coordination studies and physical design for the substation upgrade. M&S also provided technical support during procurement and responded to RFI’s from the owner, vendors and subcontractors during the project.

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