Bridge at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

M&S Engineering was tasked with designing a bridge across Cibolo creek, on property owned and operated by Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch and used by staff and visitors to the park. M&S’s services were to design a TxDOT style multi-span bridge. For the first design phase, our teams utilized geotechnical information provided by Westward Environmental.

Using publicly available contours, our teams were able provide a conceptual profile view of the bridge with the creek bed depicted.  Several configurations of lanes were discussed with the client before determining final configuration. The preliminary design consisted of a 1 foot freeboard and spanned the entire floodplain, with plans to modify in the future. Our teams worked with the client to determine the most economical arrangement of beams, abutment locations, and alignments for the desired bridge width.

Our teams prepared construction documents showing abutment locations, conceptual beam spacing and type, roadway width, estimated foundation depth and alignments. An Opinion of Probable Cost was provided and updated throughout the project to ensure the design stayed under budget.

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