Business IH-35 Upgrade Project

M&S Engineering provided engineering support and design services to New Braunfels Utilities (NBU) for multiple projects required as part of their master planning activities associated with the Interstate 35 upgrade and expansion. As part of this project, an upgrade of an existing three-phase distribution line crossing the Guadalupe River was required. This project consisted of removal and replacing of multiple wooded “H” frame structures with new steel structures and 795 AAC conductors. M&S also provided the associated staking and layout in conjunction with the construction of this project.
One challenging aspect of this project was the population density increase in the surrounding area due to growth. As a result, many stakeholders were impacted by the project which required extensive coordination with NBU, and City Staff. These stakeholders included TxDOT, property owners, contractors and the other utilities sharing space on the structures such as AT&T and local cable providers. M&S also provided technical support through the permitting, City Council meetings, public announcements and bid process. Surveying was provided via Sherwood Surveying & S.U.E.

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