Donegan Street Conversions

In support of the City of Seguin’s downtown beautification projects, M&S Engineering’s distribution design team provided engineering and design services for the conversion of electrical distribution lines throughout four city blocks. The conversion project required transferring of three-phase #2 ACSR overhead line to three-phase 1/0 underground. This project required the development of new standards for the City for URD cabling, three-phase pad mounted transformers, risers poles and monopole structures.

Sherwood Surveying & S.U.E. teams surveyed to ensure that all facilities were located within City of Seguin property or within ROW and easements as directed by the City of Seguin. The design team provided detailed design of overhead and underground facilities, developed estimates for municipal funding and bid administration. The project required close coordination of designs and construction with TxDOT, City, County, Gas, Phone and Cable providers. Additionally, the M&S team provided construction/line staking, final inspection, traffic control plans, project staging and outage coordination for timely construction. Our teams attended City Council meetings in support of City Staff to communicate aspects of the project to the Council and to the public. As part of the construction observation services, the team supported the City in the bidding process and assisted with ongoing budget review throughout construction.

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