Enterprise Substation

The Enterprise Substation was designed and constructed to connect a 34.5kV Collector System from the SunEdison owned 80MW Enterprise Solar Project in Iron County, Utah, and provides a path to market for the new solar project. As part of an Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC) team, M&S Engineering design personnel provided all engineering design associated with the new substation.
The project consisted of an open air substation with (2) 138/34.5kV, 89 MVA, power transformers. Both transformers are equipped with 138kV load tap changers. One of the power transformers is setup as a spare and is located at the Enterprise substation for long term storage on site within the substation fence. There is also (1) 138kV SF6 breaker, (2) 34.5kV vacuum feeder breakers, (1) 34.5kV capacitor bank vacuum breaker, (2) 34.5kV 4850KVAR capacitor banks with integrated circuit switchers, protective relay devices, and other apparatuses as required by the interconnecting agreement. M&S Engineering provided detailed design for all civil, structural, electrical, foundations, and system protection coordination review with relay settings. Power flow, short circuit analysis, protection coordination, arc-flash, harmonic analysis and other complex studies, such as transient overvoltage (TOV), capacitor switching, and Ferro-resonance studies were performed by Electric Power Engineers via subcontract. SCADA design, integration and commissioning was performed via subcontract by Sebesta, Inc.

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