Floresville Event Center

M&S acted as the Project Manager for $1 million in repair projects for the 44,000 SF event center. Our teams were responsible for the analysis of existing problems which included HVAC, roof leaks, and mold growth. We coordinated the services of our sub-consultants and synchronized efforts while providing the City of Floresville a single point of contact and managed the competitive bidding and contracting process. The repair projects were prioritized according to budget constraints.

During the course of the project, the building experienced a lightning strike causing damage to the main breaker for the facility. Our Project Manager was able to quickly deploy M&S Power Services technicians to troubleshoot and test the main switchboard components. Ultimately, our team acted in a responsive manner to identify the failed main breaker and issued a work order to have the breaker replaced and commissioned so events could remain as scheduled for the facility.

This project also involved a 12” water line extension from the Hospital Water Production Site to the Floresville Event Center to augment fire protection for the facility. The pipeline, located in the SH 97 right-of-way, required a permit from TxDOT. M&S Engineering evaluated alternative alignments in the course of obtaining a TxDOT permit, and considerable thought went into the existing waterlines, gas lines and underground telephone facilities prior to finalizing the alignment. The improvements included roadway bores under Loop 181 at the intersection of SH 97, slip borings under driveways and pavement repair for concrete driveways and City streets. M&S Engineering provided surveying, SUE, design, bid and construction phase services for the project. M&S also performed water system modeling to determine operating characteristics.

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