Geronimo Creek Flood Protection Plan

M&S Engineering was contracted for the Geronimo Creek Flood Protection Plan which was funded by a Texas Water Development Board grant to effectively evaluate flooding for Geronimo Creek in Guadalupe County. The civil engineering team quickly realized that there were many shareholders and a broader region needed to be investigated, therefore, the project ultimately included Comal County, the City of New Braunfels, the City of Seguin, and the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority. This project region included the Alligator and Geronimo Creek watersheds. The headwaters of Alligator Creek are in Comal County, it then flows through the City of New Braunfels, into Guadalupe County and intersects Geronimo Creek just north of the City of Seguin. Downstream from the confluence, the stream holds the name “Geronimo Creek” and travels approximately 13 miles, throughthe City of Seguin, and ultimately intersects the Guadalupe River. The Geronimo Creek watershed (including Alligator Creek and all associated tributaries) has a total watershed of 68.65 square miles. The upper and lower sections of the watershed are urbanized while the stream segment in between contains rural subdivisions and small communities.

While the ultimate goal of minimizing flood damage could not be achieved through peak flow reduction in a cost-effective manner, M&S proposed a flood plan and regulatory approach which was initiated. This approach included the creation of regional detention regulations to minimize future growth of the floodplain, increasing restrictions for future construction within the 1% annual floodplain, and the installation of physical measures such as flood warning systems and automatic floodgates.

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