Underground Feeder Exits

The project consisted of the addition of three 3-phase 35kV underground feeders exiting the Industrial Drive substation near the Houston Ship Channel to improve reliability and relieve load on the existing underground system. The project utilized 1000mcm copper conductor in nine 6” conduits in a duct bank exiting from three new feeder breakers installed in the substation. From the exit, a new manhole was installed, the three circuits then crossed to the west and under Industrial Drive via a hand-dug box tunnel, due to poor soil conditions, and terminated at a new manhole on the west. From this new manhole, one circuit (three 6” conduits) exited to the south to tie transition to overhead construction riser pole (100ft). The other two circuits (six, 6” conduits) exited to the north, paralleling Industrial Drive and an existing Port of Houston railroad for 1,400ft. This section required a second man-hole/ vault a box tunnel under an existing industrial plant access driveway and a directional bore under the railroad. Ultimately, one circuit terminated at a riser pole approximately 150ft north of the railroad and the other circuit transitioned to overhead construction at this location. M&S Engineering provided all design, cable pulling plans, field investigations, permitting, construction plans, City of Houston, Harris County and Port of Houston permitting, survey and S.U.E. investigations. The project included extensive utility coordination with telecommunications, natural gas, water, wastewater, storm sewer and industrial pipelines in the area.

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