Lakeline-Parmer Ln (CP342) New Feeder

The Lakeline-Parmer Lane Project was a Capital Improvement Project initiated to relieve loading constraints along the Lakeline Drive and Parmer Lane corridors. The project consisted of the installation of a new overhead and underground 25kV circuit from the Avery Ranch Substation and rebuilding of the existing overhead. Routing and spacing constraints required 420 feet of underground, 3-phase using 1000 mcm aluminum conductor to parallel an existing double circuit overhead line and 138kV transmission line to a 96”x96” precast vault on Staked Plains Drive. From the vault, the underground portion of the line continued to Lakeline Drive, where it was converted to an overhead 795 AAC (Arbutus) to Parmer Lane was identified.

During the ROW acquisition efforts, the decision was made to relocate the section of line within the Lakeline Drive ROW, due to the critical need for project completion and the time requirements of dealing with a single contentious land owner. As this portion was within the City of Austin ETJ, extensive coordination was required with the City of Austin, Austin Water, and other dry utilities. The route also required extensive coordination and permitting to cross the existing Capital Metro rail system with a new overhead single circuit line.

From the Lakeline Drive intersection, 3,800 feet of the existing single circuit 336 AAC overhead line along Parmer Lane was reconfigured and re-built to accommodate the new 795 AAC configuration to FM 1431 and was extended an additional 3,600 feet to support the higher load demands. After crossing Brushy Creek, the circuit was again transitioned to underground 1000 mcm aluminum conductor, ultimately terminating at the FM 1431 and Parmer Lane intersection and tied into and existing double circuit feeder. Airbreak switches and reclosers were installed in two locations, at Parmer Lane and Brushy Creek Road, and just south of the Brushy Creek crossing to provide load switching and coordinated protection along the feeder.

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