Landa Park Golf Clubhouse

M&S provided structural, as well as, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering for the remodel and expansion of the 5,000 SF Landa Park Golf Clubhouse. The Clubhouse includes multiple space occupancy types and functions to include a dining room, office spaces, retail shop, sports bar, and commercial kitchen. Throughout the process, we maintained a close relationship with stakeholders to ensure the final product met established expectations.

Our MEP Team assessed the existing MEP infrastructure and evaluated the proposed new loads to determine required MEP modifications to accommodate new equipment. Taking care to reuse existing infrastructure where practical, we redesigned and resized the mechanical systems to support the new floor plan, designed and selected new lighting, and redesigned the plumbing systems.

Our structural engineering team was tasked to evaluate and redesign the exterior ramp, in order to mitigate ADA accessibility violations at the clubhouse. To begin a topographic survey was prepared and utilized to developed construction plans for a proposed series of cast-in-place concrete handicap access ramps and landings with handrails to replace the existing handicap access ramps and landings at the Clubhouse, which were determined to be out of compliance with the current Texas Accessibility (ADA/TDLR compliance) Standards.

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