Nolte Island Bridge

This project is located on property owned and operated by GBRA and primarily used by GBRA personnel. The bridge crosses a man-made channel of the Guadalupe River. Our services were to design a TxDOT-style single -span bridge, using 2014 TxDOT specs where possible. The client provided a geotechnical report and a survey of the site.

Our teams provided an Opinion of Probable Cost throughout the duration of the project, which included quantity-based unit pricing from TxDOT as well as careful consideration of the accessibility of the site, scale of the project, equipment necessary and mobilization difficulties.

After conceptual submittals were decided on, the structural team finalized the abutment locations, final beam design and spacing, deck details, including haunch information, final alignments, and specification selections, based on TxDOT standards.

The final design called for the lowering of the bridge by approximately 2 feet, which, in turn required approximately 2 feet of cut into the levees on either side of the channel. However, no construction drawings or geotechnical information was available for the levees, and after discussion, it was determined that the levees were probably spoils from the channel construction and not intended as levees. M&S teams discussed internally, the effect of disturbing the soils embankment with new construction and significant vehicle loading. These inter-departmental discussions concluded that the new bridge would not likely cause failure of the embankment.

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