Rafter 138kV Substation

The Rafter Substation was designed to provide 138 kV power to a Microsoft data center located on the west side of San Antonio near the intersection of Hwy. 211 and Potranco Road. The design was for open air construction, breaker-and-a-half configuration, with six (6) 138/13.8 kV, 30/40/50 MVA main power transformers, four (4) transmission lines terminals, eighteen high side breakers and nine (9) 138kV SF6 circuit breakers for a new critical load customer. The design included station layout, bus details, control conduit, grounding, lightning protection, relaying, and controls. Aside from the aboave and below grade engineering design, M&S teams helped with procurment support, bid solicitation and evaluation, as well as construction management.

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