Sea World Texas

Our structural team has provided engineering on projects covering a variety of situations, from renovating existing facilities to evaluating existing facilities for adaptive re-use. Many of these projects have been on a “fast-track,” with a response time for site visits in less than 24 hours, and even a required turnaround time of less than 1 week.

We have designed small installations for assorted footings for cameras, weather equipment, and electronic displays, as well as foundations and superstructures for smaller buildings such as offices and employee facilities.
A few of the tasks included providing engineering design on different structures for them to support emergency vehicles driving through or on them. Many of these projects had to meet architectural restrictions and accommodate drainage requirements. A few of them had to accommodate shallow utilities, so our team designed foundations that bridged over the utilities without imposing additional load on the lines.
The renovation/repurposing projects included designs for new signage and the removal of whole or partial walls.

Our engineers have offered in-situ load teasting of installed framing to contractors as well has having provided assessments of existing facilities, including damage repairs.

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